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We've launched our own fundraiser!

If you've ever needed to ask for help before then you know how terrifying it is. We need your help to make that easier - for people with cancer.

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Introducing Standbuy

We are a unique cancer fundraising tool, helping you get connected to immediate support. A place to unite, pitch in and stay updated.

1 Create a fundraiser

As part of the sign up process, we’ll connect your fundraiser to your social networks and email lists.

2 Promote your story

We help you maintain communication with your audience during your fundraiser. Automated posts and tweets will pull your friends and their friends in to see how you’re doing throughout.

3 Collect money

Funds are distributed directly into your WePay account as they are donated.

Dena's Story - Standbuy from Standbuy on Vimeo.


  • Content Distribution
  • Campaign Reminders
  • Custom Domain Names

Connect to friends and family

Stand together against cancer. Spread the word and amplify your fundraising voice.


And receive donations immediately

Standbuy and Wepay are partners in distributing your money when you need it most.

Keep your community close

It's important to stay in touch and tell strong stories.
We'll help you do both.

Real-time updates

Anytime you make an update to your fundraiser, you have the option to alert your friends and family with a Facebook post or tweet.

Social connections

Connect with your social networks and encourage them to be your first contributors. Use our sample tweets and posts or create your own.

Content guidance

We help recommend the most effective techniques that will ensure that your story is heard.

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.

Wael Ghonim

@standbuyus 9 months ago

$8796 donated to Stefy's colon cancer treatment. We Can help! https://t.co/AD4sxYxefA #crowdfund #socinn #justask https://t.co/GlyzdddWLq

@standbuyus 9 months ago

Mark knows that at the end of the day, no matter what, family will always be there! https://t.co/aa0nllaYXM #socent https://t.co/8jwa6YXJIx

@standbuyus 10 months ago

#giveback this season to loved ones - or strangers! - undergoing cancer treatment: https://t.co/HOLhl5jyR1 https://t.co/5QQhPDRSJH

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